Struggle of a Curly Beard – 3 Solutions

It’s no secret that men want stylish and healthy hair just as women do. The fact that beard shaping combs, and oils selling like hot cakes in Sri Lanka is proof enough.

But the problem is, for some, their beards make them look homeless. Well, fear no more. We have you covered with 3 tips to taking care of your man-hair and not look homeless in the process.



1. Hygiene, hygiene, hygiene

Beards can make or break the look of any man. And hygiene can make or break the beard.

Poor hygiene and dehydration can lead to dry facial hair. Men like to touch and stroke their beards, but when this is done with dirty hands, there is a potential problem for your beard.

When you add the fact that food and drinks get stuck in the beard to the equation, you can expect your facial hair to become unhealthy.

More dirt in your beard makes it harder to comb it, and the result is a rough, rugged and curly beard. If you want your beard to look better, pay more attention to the hygiene.


2. Beard care products

To keep your curly beard nice and clean using beard shampoo, conditioner, oil, and balm are unavoidable. This goes for all beards, but especially for curly ones.

Curly facial hair is more close to your skin, which means that all of the bacteria, oil buildup and dirt caught into your beard are closer to your skin too.

In order to get rid of these things, you need to shampoo and condition your beard at least 3 times a week.

Use beard oil or balm on a daily basis since it makes it easy to have smooth and tame your curly beard. Also, using beard oil makes your beard far more easier to brush and comb.

For the best results, comb your curly beard once a day, and brush it one to two times a day.

Brushing your beard right before going to bed is a good way to make it grow in the desired direction.

A curly beard can quickly get out of control, so trimming it every three weeks helps in maintaining the shape and minimizing the number of split ends.


3. Straightening your beard

Styling and maintaining a curly beard isn’t that hard, as we showed you above. But sometimes, going for a straighter beard is more preferable to some men.

It’s also a good option to straighten, if your curly beard is hard to control.

There are 3 ways to achieve this: natural, chemical and mechanical.

But this in this post, we’ll discuss the mechanical method, i.e., hair straightener comb brush.

A good hair straightening iron will quickly and efficiently control your beard. This iron, also called the flat iron, however, has some disadvantages. For one, you run the risk of burning your skin.

Unless your beard is 1 foot long, avoid using the regular flat iron hair straightener.

So, we suggest you use the hair straightening comb brush. The comb brush has plastic safety tips at the end so that your skin is safe from direct heat contact.

The process is straightforward and simple, saving you time. Bear in mind that the results will only last until your next shower.

While at showering, it’s essential to use a blow dryer to dry the beard, or the beard will curl even more if you try to naturally dry it.

A good brand with lots of positive reviews is the HQT906 Electric Hair Straightening Comb Brush.

If you use a hair straightening comb brush, remember to apply beard oil afterward to keep hair soft and prevent damage.

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