Best Electric, Induction & Gas Cookers, Hobs & Stove Prices in Sri Lanka


Many top chefs are using induction cookers because of how they are convenient and effective but are they really the best? There are usually 3 main types of cookers when it comes to a choice that is: electric, gas and induction. The gas and electric options are miles ahead of induction when it comes to popularity. But induction is catching up since it uses latest technology and a lot of people especially in Europe are enjoying the many benefits that comes with induction cookers. But of course, each cooker has its pros and cons and it is up to you to choose the one that is perfect for your kitchen setting.


It is without a doubt that in the United States, electric cookers are the most used. The obvious reason for their popularity is because they are cheaper as compared to the induction and gas cookers. The electric cookers are also durable so you can be sure that when you buy an electric cooker it is going to serve you for a long time. Cleaning the electric cookers is also easier and you can use them probably with any type of pan that you own. So you don’t have to get worried that the heavier pans will damage the surface.

The smooth ceramic electric cookers are a little bit more pricey as compared to the electric coil cookers. This because it provides a better look and it has a smooth surface which makes it super easy to clean. But you should keep in mind that the surface for the smooth ceramic cookers is not as durable as the one on an electric coil cooker. You will need to be very careful when you are using heavier pans if you want the surface of your ceramic electric cooker to last for a long time. The smooth electric ceramic cookers heats faster than the electric coil cookers but they can’t match the heating of the induction and gas.

The electric cookers also takes longer to adjust the temperature so you cannot really compare the control in gas and induction with electric cookers. The initial cost of purchasing an electric cooker is lesser than purchasing the induction or gas but they are not very energy efficient so you might end up using more money in the long run than you would have used if you used if used gas or induction.


The gas cookers are also very popular and a lot of chefs are prefer the gas cookers to electric cookers. There a lot of people who are using the gas cookers even their homes. One of the reasons why a lot of people are preferring the gas cookers is the fact that they heat so much faster compared to the electric cookers. You can also regulate the temperature just the way you like it. In short you get the full control when you are using the gas cookers which is much better compared to the electric cookers. The gas cookers also have that industrial look that makes a lot of people love it even more. With the gas cookers, you can be sure to use any type of pan that you own. They are actually perfect for the round bottom pans. You can also be sure to use the gas cookers to roast foods like marshmallows and peppers directly on the burner of the gas cooker.

The potential disadvantage of the gas cookers is that you need to have a gas line that is passing through your place of residence so that the gas cooker can be installed. And if you don’t have a gas line at the moment, you should be ready to spend because it can be very expensive to have one installed. And if you live in place where the gas is not available, then you might want to consider finding an alternative. If you are gas is an option, then it is cheaper to operate than the electric cookers and you can be sure to use your gas cooker even when the electricity goes out. Cleaning your gas cooker might a little bit tricky as the gas the open flame of the gas is very prone to fire.


This method might be new in the US but it has been in use for many years in Europe. These cookers uses electromagnetism in order to produce heat that is used to cook food. The induction cooker does not have a Burner like the electric cookers or the gas cookers. Instead they have a metal coil that creates a magnetic field whenever they are turned on.

The moment you place a pan on the surface the magnetic field created passes into the pan and that makes the pan to generate heat. This means it is the pan that becomes hotter and not the burner and because of this, the induction burners are considered safer than the traditional electric cookers and the gas cookers. The induction cookers are also preferred because they don’t generate heat so they do not heat up your kitchen like the gas and electric cookers.

The other benefits of using an induction cooker is that they actually heat the pans pretty fast and you can get to control the heat more like a gas cooker and they are also very energy efficient. They have a smooth surface and it does not heat up making them super easy to clean. They will boil water faster than even the gas cookers.

The top disadvantage about this cookers is that they are currently the most expensive cookers in the market right now. Another downside of the cooker is that it does not actually work with all your pans. Your pans must be metal because they use electromagnetism to cook. To test if your pan will work with this cooker try to stick a magnet on them. If it sticks, then it will most probably work with the induction cooker.