Where to buy Pyrex Dishes in Sri Lanka


Where can I find Pyrex Dishes in Sri Lanka?

Pyrex is a registered trademark for a range of tempered glassware, ranging from laboratory equipment to baking dishes. Contrary to popular belief, Pyrex is not a type of glassware. Just like Phoenix is a known name for plastics, and Arpico is known for rubber materials, Pyrex has made a name for itself in tempered glassware.

In Sri Lanka, Abans is widely known to sell Pyrex branded glassware. There are also other outlets that sell these, but they are very few.

There are many alternatives to Pyrex branded glassware being sold in Sri Lanka, on the other hand. Abdul Rahims, for example, sell Arcuisine branded tempered glassware.

The need for tempered glass when it comes to baking is common knowledge. It’s also used in ovens as well. Normal glass, when placed in heat, shatters due to thermal expansion. Traditionally, glass is made of silica. Glass made from silica don’t expand under high temperatures and that is why they shatter when placed in heat.

The Pyrex brand was one of the first to come up with a new type of glass by adding boron trioxide to the silica compound. Borosilicate glass has a very high tolerance to heat and therefore doesn’t shatter under high temperatures. This was the first type of tempered glass. There’s another type of glass called soda-lime glass, and accounts for 90% of the world’s manufactured glass.

Soda–lime glass is relatively inexpensive, chemically stable, reasonably hard, and extremely workable. Because it can be resoftened and remelted numerous times, it is ideal for glass recycling.

So, nowadays, tempered glass bakeware items are mostly made of soda-lime glass. Pyrex sells both types of glass.

There are other brands that sell tempered glasses around the world. For example, Duralex, Arcuisine, and Anchor Hocking are top brands that sell tempered glassware on Amazon.

The point here is that, tempered glassware has many good brands out there. Quality isn’t just guaranteed by brand name. As consumers, it’s up to us to do the research  and figure out what serves our requirements, without just sticking to brands.

If not Pyrex, what else?

Here at Laabai we believe in ‘Function over fashion.’ We want our customers to benefit from the same quality standards as big-name brands at affordable prices. If you buy something from us, it’ll still be in use and useful to you for a long time to come. With this in mind, we provide a range of oven dishes which are jus as good as the ‘branded’ ones – at a FRACTION of the price.

Our selection has both Borosilicate and soda-lime tempered glassware.

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Our tempered glassware range is handpicked to ensure that quality is provided at an affordable price. In short, you can still use our tempered glass products for many years to come.

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