Easy Lock 4Pcs Airtight Container Set – Large

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  • SAVE SPACE in your pantry with stackable / modular airtight plastic food canisters for better kitchen organization
  • EASY LOCK food saver is useful for cereals, rice, flour, sugar, spices and cheese dispensers; also great in refrigerator, garage, sewing room, playroom and in restaurants to keep FOOD SAFE & DRY
  • Made from clear BPA free plastic with AIR and WATER TIGHT seal cover to prevent sogginess and food going stale
  • VERY EASY to lock and open, SHATTER PROOF flip flop dry STORAGE SYSTEM for even dog and pet food
  • The plastic airtight rectangle shaped food container saves you space. It’s stack-able water proof containers ensure you organise your pantry better.
  • Easy Lock comes in an airtight sealed lid with silicon ring designed to shut out air and moisture keeping food dry and fresh.
  • It’s flip flop seal pot design makes it easy to open and lock even with only two fingers. Handle is easily removable guaranteeing an easy wash experience.
  • What comes in the box:
    • 1.7L Container x 2
    • 2.3L Container x 1
    • 1.0L Container x 1
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