FirstClass Body Crystal Coat 3 in 1 Care Pack 300ML (Shampoo, Cleanser & Coat)

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Watch the video demo on how the crystal coat works.

Crystal Coating Series Step 1 – FIRSTCLASS CRYSTAL CAR SHAMPOO

  • Protects Body Crystal-Coat and removes stains, mud or any contaminants clearly.
  • No damage to painted surface of the vehicle and harmless to human skin with PH 7-based formula (a neutral synthetic washing agent).
  • Easy-to-use High Foaming type (No preparation of water dilution).
  • Sizes: 500ml

Crystal Coating Series Step 2 – FIRSTCLASS CRYSTAL CLEANSER

  • Superfine powder formula to remove fine scratches, water marks, stains and recover deep gloss of your vehicle like new.
  • Pre-step. Essential for body Crystal Coat, finely cleaned & polished paint finish conditions help provide clear coat, maximize the gloss grade, durability and dirt-repellent.
  • Provided a specially designed chamois cloth for maximizing body crystal coat
  • Sizes: 150ml
 Crystal Series Step 3 – FIRSTCLASS CRYSTAL COAT
  • Provides and keeps brand-new, deep original gloss of the painted surface of the vehicle..
  • Repeats application and creates layer-by-layer coating for long lasting gloss.
  • By smoothing the painted surface evenly, Crystal Coat creates high-water repellent effect preventing the adhesion and penetration of contaminants & maintaining the paint’s luster.
  • Easy-to-use with even little waters on the surface.
  • Provided a specially designed chamois cloth for Crystal Coat
  • Sizes: 300ml


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