Leap 3D Motion & Gesture Controller for Mac & PC

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The Leap Motion Controller tracks both hands and all 10 fingers with pinpoint precision and incredible speed. That wide-open space between you and your computer is now yours—to play, create and explore. Reach into another world without actually touching anything. The Leap Motion Controller is sleek, light, and tiny (it’s just 3″ long). It takes up hardly any space on your desk, but you use the space above it.

Make a masterpiece out of thin air – with the Leap Motion Controller, you’re the instrument. Strum, drum, sketch, draw, and paint with your fingers. Sculpt as easily as you would with clay. Use your own drumsticks to beat a snare drum in Airbeats. Flip through a recipe for lasagna without saucing up your screen. It’s the best way to create just about anything, because you do it by hand.

Leap Motion:
– It’s a whole new way to interact with your Mac or PC — with your hands or finger in the air
– It’s easy to set up. After a simple download, plug the Leap Motion Controller into your USB port and you’re ready to go
– It accurately senses your hands and fingers up to 1/100th millimeter, with no visible latency
– It comes with Airspace, the Leap Motion app store, where you’ll discover all-new kinds of apps designed for the Leap Motion Controller
– Browse the web, play games, make music, and more

Minimum System Requirements
– 2GB Ram
– USB 2.0 port
– Windows 7 or 8, Mac OS x 10.7 Lion
– Internet connection
– AMD Phenom ll or Intel Core i3/ i5/ i7 processor or higher

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