Slime Smart Spair Flat Tire Repair Kit

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The Slime Smart Spair is the smart way to repair a flat tire / puncture. No need to use a tire jack, spare wheel or remove the flat tire – just install Slime tire sealant, re-inflate your tire, and go. That simple.

Stow it under your car seat or in the trunk. This 2 in 1 Compressor and Emergency Flat tire repair kit offers a portable solution for flat tire repair.
– Don’t remove your tire
– Don’t wait for a tow truck
– Don’t get stuck on highways seeking help
– Can be used with any make and model of vehicles
– Passengers safety is assured as powerful inflator, inflates tires while your family / passengers is safely seated.
– Amazingly this sealant can stay inside the tire for two years and can instantly repair future punctures repeatedly.

“No time to spare – Get SLIME Smart Spair”

Smart Spair includes:

– Slime Tire Sealant 16 oz. with Fibro-Seal™ technology
– High-power 12 volt air compressor with built-in tire pressure gauge inflates a mid-size car tire in 7 minutes
– 2’ air hose with quick-clip
– Long 10’ power cord with A/C adapter for any power accessory outlet
– Valve core removal tool & filler tube
– Tools and adapters for tires, balls, beach toys, air mattresses, inflatables
– Complete instructions

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