33 Wedding Gift Ideas in Sri Lanka

33 Wedding Gift Ideas in Sri Lanka

Getting overwhelmed trying to think of wedding gift ideas for the happy couple? Whether it’s a set of sheets or a simply cookware set, let’s make sure your gift adds value and joy to their everyday lives.

When deciding on a wedding gift for the couple, there are few things you have to take into a consideration to narrow down the many wedding gift ideas running in your head.

Wedding Gift Criteria

Please Both

Choose a wedding gift that benefits the couple as a whole. You may be friends with the groom, but the bride may be left out if you decide to gift a hair trimmer or a men’s watch.

Interests and passions

For example, Do they know or love to cook? If they don’t, kitchen appliances wouldn’t make sense.

Standard of Living

If the couple lives on a higher standard, getting them a generic brand gift wouldn’t be a good idea. You would rather pool in with friends or family to get a wedding gift that suits their lifestyle.

Your Relationship to Them

This basically locks the budget for your wedding gift. Based on our research in people from Colombo, we came up with a simple budget chart. It may vary from person to person, but this is the most common budget range used for wedding gifts based on your relationship to the couple.

  • Family & Close Friend: LKR 5000 to 10000/-
  • Far Relations, Casual Friends & Work Colleagues: LKR 1000 to 5000/-

The high end of the budget is based on the couple’s and your income level.

Just a 2 cent from the laabai.lk Team

It would be wise to discuss with your family or friends invited to the wedding to discuss and match the wedding gift budget. It would be embarrassing or uneasy to gift under or over the budget set by others in the same group.

Now that we’ve got the wedding gift idea filtering criteria out of the way, let’s get on with the main reason why you are here.

Wedding Gift Ideas from laabai.lk


Rs. 1,950.00 Rs. 1,500.00
Rs. 2,750.00 Rs. 1,750.00
Rs. 4,650.00 Rs. 4,200.00
Out of stock
Out of stock
Rs. 4,200.00 Rs. 3,450.00
Out of stock
Rs. 2,900.00 Rs. 2,350.00

Vacuum Cleaners

Out of stock
Rs. 48,950.00 Rs. 43,990.00
Rs. 9,950.00 Rs. 8,950.00
Out of stock
Rs. 14,950.00 Rs. 13,450.00

Waffle Makers

Pizza Maker

Coffee Maker

Rs. 49,950.00 Rs. 44,950.00
Out of stock
Rs. 3,950.00 Rs. 3,750.00
Out of stock
Rs. 4,600.00 Rs. 3,750.00
Out of stock
Rs. 14,800.00 Rs. 12,200.00

Hand Blender

Out of stock
Rs. 6,950.00 Rs. 6,250.00
Out of stock

Rice Cooker

Air Fryer

Rs. 27,500.00 Rs. 11,000.00
Out of stock
Rs. 15,000.00 Rs. 11,500.00
Rs. 32,950.00 Rs. 29,650.00
Rs. 31,950.00 Rs. 28,750.00

Cookware Set

Multi Cooker

Mixer Grinders


Rs. 2,800.00 Rs. 1,800.00
Rs. 14,950.00 Rs. 13,450.00
Rs. 14,950.00 Rs. 13,450.00
Rs. 11,990.00 Rs. 11,350.00
Rs. 5,650.00 Rs. 4,950.00
Rs. 12,950.00 Rs. 11,650.00
Out of stock

Juice Extractor

Rs. 24,950.00 Rs. 22,450.00
Out of stock
Out of stock
Rs. 2,950.00 Rs. 2,650.00
Rs. 11,950.00 Rs. 10,750.00
Out of stock

Irons & Garment Steamers

Rs. 2,950.00 Rs. 2,650.00
Rs. 3,990.00 Rs. 3,550.00
Rs. 8,950.00 Rs. 7,950.00
Rs. 5,390.00 Rs. 4,850.00
Rs. 6,790.00 Rs. 6,100.00
Out of stock
Rs. 6,690.00 Rs. 5,990.00
Out of stock
Rs. 1,950.00 Rs. 1,750.00
Rs. 1,490.00 Rs. 1,350.00
Out of stock
Rs. 14,950.00 Rs. 13,450.00
Rs. 1,490.00
Out of stock
Out of stock
Rs. 9,990.00 Rs. 5,990.00

Gas Cooker

Induction Cooker

Rs. 7,000.00 Rs. 4,650.00

Cloth Racks

Rs. 5,990.00 Rs. 3,500.00
Rs. 1,200.00 Rs. 690.00
Rs. 300.00 Rs. 200.00
Out of stock
Rs. 5,000.00 Rs. 2,650.00
Out of stock
Rs. 3,250.00 Rs. 1,950.00
Out of stock
Rs. 7,950.00 Rs. 4,950.00
Out of stock
Rs. 4,350.00 Rs. 2,950.00
Out of stock

Shoe Racks & Cupboards

Out of stock

Air Fresheners

Pressure Cooker


Emergency Lights

Rechargeable Fans

Alarm Clocks

Rs. 5,290.00 Rs. 4,750.00

Dish Racks

Rs. 3,000.00 Rs. 990.00

Stand Fans

Out of stock
Rs. 7,950.00 Rs. 4,950.00

Cookware Sets

Electric Ovens

Foot Massager

Rs. 48,000.00 Rs. 28,500.00
Out of stock
Rs. 12,500.00 Rs. 9,990.00
Out of stock
Rs. 16,500.00 Rs. 8,990.00
Out of stock
Rs. 1,250.00 Rs. 650.00

Deep Fryer

Out of stock
Rs. 12,900.00 Rs. 8,900.00

Facial Steamer

Rs. 2,800.00 Rs. 1,850.00

Spice Racks

Rs. 3,250.00 Rs. 2,250.00
Rs. 4,700.00 Rs. 1,990.00
Rs. 4,700.00 Rs. 1,990.00
Rs. 650.00 Rs. 350.00

Vacuum Flasks

Rs. 990.00 Rs. 690.00

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